Prima Information Services

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Prima Information Services
One of the principles in the world of central agencies including libraries documentation and information that the success of the service is one indicator of the success of the institution or library informnasi in performing the functions and duties of the library. Library is an organization engaged in the service and the service, it is one indication of the success of the service offered is user satisfaction. This is in line with what is stated in ISO 11620-1998, user satisfaction ranks first out of 29 indicators for performance measurement library. User satisfaction is a barometer of the success of a library. One of the reasons why the user satisfaction (user satisfaction) are a barometer of the success of the library, because the library was held to meet the needs of users. The services provided by the focus on user satisfaction with the service is often referred to as the primary or special service (excellent service).
The most important thing in an effort to provide excellent service is the best service to users, enabling us to provide optimal satisfaction. Efforts to provide the best service can be realized if we can highlight the skills, attitude, appearance, attention, action and responsibility and coordinated. Zeithaml, Parasuraman, and Berry set the 5 dimensions of service quality, namely:
1.Tangibles (Real) include service parts are real or direct such as employee performance, physical facilities, equipment, and means of communication
the ability to deliver the promised services quickly, accurately, and satisfying
3. Responsiveness (Alertness or Response) that is the desire of the staff to help users quickly and providing services and appropriate and responsive to the user’s wishes
4. Assurance (Assurance or Assurance), includes a level of knowledge and friendliness of the hospitality and courtesy that should be owned by employees in addition to their ability to instill confidence in the user.
5.Empathy (Empathy) is of particular concern given to each user individually. The dimensions of empathy is a combination of the dimensions of Access (Access) includes easy to use services offered, Communication (Communication), namely the ability to do kom2. Realibility (reliability) unikasi to convey information to the user or get user input, Understanding the Customer (understanding users) include efforts to know and understand the needs and wants of the user.
Users in library research institutes comprising scientists, especially the needs of researchers with different information and always dynamic. That dynamic needs that require librarians to keep up with the way had always “update” their competence as a librarian as has been revealed by Zeithaml, and Berry Parashurama above.
To achieve service excellence turns a librarian must have extensive knowledge, skills, and have a good attitude or ethics besides good at communicating. In providing service excellence requires adequate service facilities such as the use of information technology informasi.Teknologi also needed in the library to balance the demands of the users.

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